Power Inverters.

At the heart of any good solar system is an inverter. Without a high-functioning solar power inverter, a rooftop panel system is basically rendered useless. But understanding what makes an inverter ‘good’ or ‘the best’ is no easy feat.

With so much industry jargon littering the solar market, finding a quality inverter installer can sometimes be a bit of hassle.

Arguably one of the top solar inverters in Nigeria is the Feezlinkz Green Energy. Some of our single-phase device, available in a variety of sizes, this inverter is a heavy favourite among Installers, often regarded for its innovative technologies, high efficiency and intelligent communication and monitoring software. All our solar  inverters installations come with a five-year warranty as standard, but according to the Feezlinkz website, consumers can bag an additional five years warranty if they register their inverter.



Price Estimate: ₦135,000- ₦1,800,000*

*This estimate does not factor in installation costs

Sizes Available: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8.2kW

What’s good about this inverter:

  • High efficiency of 98.1% max
  • SnapINverter technology which makes it easy to remove for servicing
  • Uses integrated data communication, allowing solar customers to see how their system is operating via an app on their phone or online

What to look out for:

  • Slightly more expensive than average inverter price
  • Only goes up to an inverter size of 8.2kW
  • Not solar battery ready

Best Inverter – Efficiency: Felicity and Kartel

Considered to be one of the most efficient solar inverters in Nigeria is the Felicity and Kartel Premium. With high and reliable performance levels and a smaller price tag than other models on the market, the Felicity and Kartel Premium is slowly making a name for itself in the Nigerian solar community, with some even considering this inverter to be on par with crowd favourite Fronius. All inverters that we install are also covered for 10 years warranty as standard.


Price Estimate: ₦100,000-₦50,000,000*

*This estimate does not factor in installation costs

Sizes Available: 2, 2.5, 3, 5, 15kW

What’s good about this inverter:

  • Very efficient with max efficiency of 98.2-98.5%, depending on model size
  • Cheaper upfront costs
  • 24hr online system motoring available through app or the web

What to look out for:

  • Not solar battery ready
  • Consumption monitoring not considered to be the best
  • Back-up power (in case of black out or off-grid use) limited to only three kilowatts (kW)

Best Inverter – Warranty: Kartel

When it comes to an inverter with quality warranty standards, you can’t look past the SolarEdge HD Wave with its mammoth 12-year offering. But it’s not just the extended warranty that gets this inverter recognised as one of the best in Nigeria. Thanks to its use of power optimisers – plug-ins that can be added to your panels to help maximise efficiency – these inverters can withstand and compensate for the effects of shading on your system, allowing it to run at full capacity during any point of the day.



*This estimate does not factor in installation costs or additional system upgrades

Sizes Available: 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10kW

What’s good about this inverter:

  • Uses power optimisers to leverage system efficiency, even in shaded areas
  • Inverters available in sizes up to 10kW
  • Extremely efficient at 99.2% max

What to look out for:

   Runs at a higher voltage than other inverters

   One of the most expensive models on market

  Runs at a higher voltage than other inverters

   Increased likelihood of failures and technical problems in comparison to other inverters due to extra electronics on panels for power optimisers

Our goal towards our clients is to resolve all inverter repair issues in a warm and professional environment to inspire their delight every time. For our employees, we strive to provide the best conditions and equipments to create extremely satisfied and loyal customers. In contrast, battery disconnect issues may cause variety of difficuties and problems-.

Issues like  breaking down, power accessory malfunctions, false warning lights and even lead to damage of featured electric modules.

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